Large or small, above ground or below, call the Pro’s!!

Removal Pro can remove and install oil tanks with ease and in a short time frame. Every job is different, some simple and some a bit more complex. Give us a call to discuss what kind of project your tank will be.

If you are thinking of of removing and installing at the same time, or changing your heating source completely we will take care of it for you.

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Our Process

Scope of Work

Determine what is required for the job and create an estimate

Estimate Review

50% deposit plus a CC on file is required. We will submit the required permits and pay the fees up front on your behalf.

Job Day

Removal Pro team to arrive within the specified time frame and start the process of removal and installation.

Job Completion

The tank will be brought back to Removal Pro’s facility where it will be processed and disposed of.

Tank Removal/Install Jobs We’ve Worked On

Whether you need your residential tank replaced, or you just need that worrisome tank removed, we are poised to quickly assist your tank related needs.